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SUstainability / CSR

Eco Power has always believed in having a positive impact on the environment and local community. As we have grown, so too has our commitment to contribute positive social impact for the communities in which we work.

Sri Lanka Worldwide
Rwimi and Ishasha, Uganda

Rwimi, Uganda

  • Kyabulera Gravity Flow Water Supply Scheme
    • A gravity flow water supply scheme was designed and commissioned in collaboration with the Kasese District Water Department. The project was completed at a cost of USD 175,000 and is to serve over 2,000 families.
  • Seed & livestock assistance PAPs
    • The 87 project affect person’s (PAPs) families were assisted with seeds, seedlings, livestock, and poultry to boost their livelihoods. The assistance was given over 5 cultivation seasons, where nearly 2,750kg of beans, 1,500kg of maize, 600 banana suckers, 200 chickens, and 150 goats were distributed.
  • Vocational training for PAPs
    • The Project Affected Persons (PAPs) were all given various trainings with practical experience to upskill their current line of work or livelihood. Some of the trainings included poultry practices, sustainable agriculture, water conservation, goat rearing, small business management, financial literacy etc.
  • Communal health camps
    • Four health camps were conducted over the period of 2016-2017. STI testing, counselling, general health checks, were provided during these camps. Those who need further care were either directly treated or directed to the next best alternative.
  • World Aids Day 2016
    • Several activities were carried out to commemorate the World’s Aids Day 2016. A door to door health service for the 30 Vulnerable Project Affected Persons (VPAPs) families, a health camp for the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) families, a wider community health camp, and a friendly football match between the project and the community were organized.

Ishasha, Uganda

  • Development of Kyajura Primary School (Year 2011)
    • A school building and a play ground was constructed for the Kyajura Primary School with a student population of 200, and is located in the vicinity of the Ishasha Power Plant.

As we have grown, so too has our commitment to create positive social impact for the communities in which we work.