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    Developing and Operating Quality Run-of-the-River Hydropower Plants to
    Global Standards and Investing in Renewable Energy Solutions

The Eco Power Group

With a clear vision for a sustainable green future, Eco Power Group harnesses the optimal potential of small hydropower to generate clean sustainable energy at affordable rates, reducing reliance on non-renewable resources. Generating sustainable energy using natural resources, Eco Power Holdings is the largest small hydropower producer in Sri Lanka. Eco Power is dedicated to designing, constructing, owning, operating and investing in high quality renewable energy projects in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Renewable Energy Investor

Renewable Energy Investor Diversifying through strategic investments in non-hydropower renewable energy sources and technologies.

Independent Power Producer

Independent Power Producer Eco Power, supplied 171 GWh of energy to the Ceylon Electricity Board, contributing 4.2% of the total electricity generated by hydropower Plants in the country for the year 2021.

Hydropower Project Developer

Hydropower Project Developer A complete solutions provider; from concept to feasibility to operation, Eco Power has established itself globally as a highly efficient, turnkey small hydropower developer.

Technical / Engineering Service Provider

Technical / Engineering Service Provider With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Eco Power offers a comprehensive package to investors, helping them achieve an financially strong but eco-friendly renewable energy portfolio.

Eco Power's full range of capabilities and service offerings includes project development and feasibility studies, engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM), and Operations and Management (O&M) services.

58 MW EPC/EPCM Projects to Date

49 MW | 194 GWh/Year Currently Own Operating

78 MW | 444 GWh/Year Confirmed New Projects
Now Under Development

25 Years of Experience

163 MW | 658 GWh/Year Potential New Project Pipeline
(Bidding or Investigating)

87 MW Feasibility Studies Completed

160 Employees

06 Countries Actively Developing
Projects in Right Now

Our Value Proposition

Expertise Site Identication, Early Project
Development & Feasibility Studies

Global Experience Turnkey Engineering, Procurement &
Construction Management Solutions

Proven Track Record Project Development, Operations
& Maintenance - 25 Years & Counting

Flexibility We Can Support Any Aspect of Your Project, from Start to Operations

Financial Strength Financially Sound & Seasoned
Equity Investors

Affordability Technical Joint Venture Partner and Equity Investor

Value World Class Quality | Setting the Global Standard

Adaptability Now Diversifying Through Strategic
Investment in Non-hydro Renewable
Energy Projects